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What types of obesity and treatment of each type?

 What types of obesity and treatment of each type?

A reader asks: What are the different types of ghee and the ways in which it is treated? What is the use of diet in different species?

Answering the question Dr. Ahmed Badawi Professor of Plastic Surgery in Ain Shams Medicine, saying: Obesity is divided into three levels of simple obesity and does not result in abnormalities in the body, which is the result of the swelling and fullness of fat cells located below the surface of the skin with fat to increase their size and in this case We note that the number of cells did not increase but increased their size only and this type can be treated with diet, which leads to the loss of fat cells of the fat inside them, and therefore returns to their normal size and the body returns to normal.

The second level, as Dr. Badawi points out, is the average obesity resulting from the imbalance in the distribution of fat, in which the patient does not suffer from a very noticeable increase in weight, but there is a deformity in the body in some areas such as the abdomen and the wings.

The third level is severe obesity known as excessive and in which the patient suffers from body deformity in the breast, abdomen, wings, buttocks and thighs, and for the deformity in the second and third level is the result of the accumulation and increase of the numbers of fat cells below the surface of the skin, in addition to full of fat And increase their size and in this case there is an increase in the number of cells themselves and increasing their size at the same time and here the diet does not affect much in the deformation caused by obesity but leads to the loss of fat cells to the fat inside them only, and consequently decrease their size leading to underweight but diet does not lead to a decrease p The same fat cells, which have increased significantly below the surface of the skin, have been eliminated, resulting in continued deformation but slightly less.

As for the treatment, Dr. Badawi says: The best treatment for these cases is the local injection of mesotherapy, which is suitable for the second level of obesity, in which fat solvents are injected topically under the skin in the area to be dissolved fat from them, and are carried out on multiple sessions and the advantages of this method are done Without surgery, but its drawbacks are the need for multiple sessions to reach the desired result.

He points out that the treatment also includes the use of a laser device to dissolve fat, which is the latest findings of the aesthetic science in this field and it also works its use for the level of second and third obesity and this device comes out of it a small tube that is inserted from a very small opening under the influence of a local anesthetic issued a laser beam By dissolving fat and getting rid of fat cells one of the advantages of this method is that it dissolves fat with the local drug and in very large quantities with the least possible openings, and therefore back to work faster, as its effect heats the skin re-contractions higher fat, and therefore the need to tighten the skin after The process.

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