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What is the third week of Ramadan diet?

 What is the third week of Ramadan diet?

 Mona Said says: I followed Rajim the first and second week of Ramadan, so what is the third week of the month diet?

Dr. Osama Hafni, consultant physiotherapist and obesity therapist, responds: The diet program for the third week of Ramadan depends on the implementation of some general instructions such as:
1. Drink plenty of water after breakfast and after taraweeh, with an interest in drinking at least 3 liters of water per day.
2. Continuous abdominal suction.
3. You should not eat anything between iftar and suhoor other than the one mentioned.
4. Walk as much as possible.
5. Tea or coffee is allowed without sugar at any time at breakfast hours.
6. You should eat 2 rose tablets with 2 cups of water at the ears of Morocco and then wait a quarter of an hour to pray and then breakfast afterwards.
7. Take 2 rose tablets with 2 cups of water half an hour before suhoor each day.
Breakfast consists of:

• 1 large cup soup (tomatoes or vegetables) or half a cup of orange juice or half a cup of qamaruddin without sugar.
• 1/4 kilos of kebabs and grilled kfta or 1/4 kilos of grilled or boiled fish or half grilled or boiled chicken.
• 6 tablespoons boiled pasta or 5 tablespoons boiled rice or half a loaf of brown.
• Green salad.
• 4 tablespoons sautéed or cooked vegetables.
Between iftar and suhoor, you can eat a fruit, 1 qataif, or a piece of knafeh the size of a can of sulfur.

The suhoor meal consists of:
• Half grapefruit or orange.
• Boiled egg, low fat yogurt cup or 4 tablespoons beans.
• 2 brown toast slices or 1 slice with a cup of yogurt.
• 4 tablespoons green salad.

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