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What is a fat burning diet?

 What is a fat burning diet?

Is there a diet program to burn grease and be acceptable?

Dr. Hani Kamal, consultant on obesity and nutrition, answers this question by saying:
Can follow a grease-burning diet consisting of a breakfast consisting of four strawberries with a cup of corn flakes and half a slice of toast, while lunch is a lasagna, plus chicken pieces cooked with tomato sauce next to mint or fresh herbs like mint, while the sweet is a cup of ice cream with little fruit Creamy.

Dinner is a cup of bean juice with two tomatoes, while the second day breakfast is two cups of any kind of corn flakes with two apple, while lunch is a medium-sized steak with pepper and sweet two slices of pineapple and a quarter teaspoon of honey.

Dinner is a soup plus a spoonful of rice, spices and a pinch of salt, while the third day is breakfast is two glasses of strawberries with a cup of skimmed milk, and lunch is two pieces of meat or chicken with rice or pasta, and dinner is a cup of milk added to chocolate and Continue to carry out this diet for a month to burn the fat in the body.

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