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What is the diet of the lower part of the body?

 What is the diet of the lower part of the body?

I have severe Obesity in the lower part of the body, and I'd like to know a diet that's useful for eliminating it?

This question is answered by Dr. Rafik Iskandar, consultant of obesity treatment, saying that you can use a diet for 8 days reducing weight from 2 to 3 kilograms of the lower body is a breakfast consisting of lemon juice with a quarter of a loaf and three white eggs and before breakfast can be eaten a cup of green tea A teaspoon of honey and between breakfast and lunch can be served with 2 cups of water with a fruit of apples.

Lunch is three tablespoons of rice or boiled pasta plus tomato sauce without oil with one chicken breast, grilled fish or a strainer of oil with a plate of vegetables cooked with two cups of water, dinner three fruit fruits with a bean dish and a quarter loaf with two cups of water.

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