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What diet is right for fasting?

 What diet is right for fasting?

I would like to ask since we are coming to the holy month of Ramadan is it possible to work a diet in Ramadan with fasting, especially in high temperature, and if possible what is the appropriate program for me, knowing that I am 182 and weighing 88 kg after it was 96 kg, knowing that I lost this weight after 3 months?

This question is answered by Dr. Mustafa Sari, consultant of obesity and nutrition, saying: "You can follow a food program for a week to solve your problem consisting of breakfast consisting of half a cup of fat-free rib milk, two gums, or a cup of vegetable soup, or 5 spoons soup of bird tongue without fat, and after the Prayer of Morocco can be tinted For half a chick or two slices of meat or two grilled or boiled fish, with a green salad and cooked vegetables "ni fi", with two tablespoons of rice, boiled pasta or slice "toast".

Between iftar and suhoor, you can eat two fruits a day or a cup of khasaf only twice a week, or a small knafeh piece, two cutpieces or a small piece of basbous once a week.

The suhoor meal is a yogurt cup with 2 fruit fruit or 5 tablespoons lemon bean with a green salad and a slice of "toast" or a yogurt cup, with a boiled egg and a slice of "toast", which is used for a week.

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