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What are the ways to maintain weight after dieting?

 What are the ways to maintain weight after dieting?

Hayam Abdel Hafiz asks, does someone do a diet and then stop increasing his weight again, and what is the solution for those who want to install their weight after slimming?

Dr. Osama Hafni, consultant of physiotherapy and obesity treatment, answers: Many of the traditional methods of weight loss sometimes fail because the body returns to gain weight after slimming, which is known as homeostasis or the meaning of the body's desire to stay in a state of permanent balance, the body is always Resists change, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

He added that it is not useful when you lose some weight if you are obese that the body tries to restore it at full speed, but unfortunately this is what is actually happening at the physiological level, so it has to be fixed after slimming.

He pointed out that weight loss generates in the body a strong reaction that makes him want to regain the weight he lost, and this reaction varies greatly according to the method of slimming followed, the speed of weight loss, and the nature of the food program, there are diets that increase the severity of the reaction, once the program is finished Food, we find the weight returns very quickly until it returns to the original weight, and may exceed it, and such programs advise to stay away from them, or if used only for one week or two at most, to be installed directly or move to other programs less severe.

He explained, it is useful to know that the stabilization begins from the beginning of slimming, when choosing the diet system, systems that depend on single food, or high protein systems, as well as systems where the food is very little, are diets that generate a strong reaction, and prefer to follow the systems that adopt On low-calorie foods, the daily calorie rate should not be less than 1500 calories from a variety of foods, mostly vegetables and fruits, and one third of the calories of carbohydrates, and the quality of food must be similar to natural food and the number of meals is not less than three and can be increased to five by adding Snack once or twice a day.

It should not stop dieting suddenly and return again to high-calorie food, but when you reach the desired weight or when you want to stop dieting, you should gradually increase the calorie rate until you reach the body's natural need.

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