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What are the risks to an obese person?

 What are the risks to an obese person?

A reader asks: I am an obese patient and the doctor told me that I am in the early stages of obesity and inevitably exposed to the risks of obesity, what are these risks?

Answerto the question Dr. Mohammed Abul Gheit consultant obesity diseases saying: Obesity is defined as an increase in the fat tissue of the body either under the skin or around the internal organs, and is determined by the body mass index "weight in kilograms / square length in meters" and if the indicator is from 18 to 24 this figure indicates In the normal person to that weight fits the height and indicator from 25 to 29 represents this weight gain and from 30 to 39 known as obesity and from 40 or more indicates the incidence of obesity excessive and there is also a method depending on the circumference of the waist, where the amount of fat present in this area indicates an increase in weight or obesity and Weight gain in men begins when the waist circumference is 93 cm or more and in women 80 cm and margarine in men starting from 102 cm and women 88 cm.

Dr. Mohammed Abul Gheit points out that obesity is either caused by a disorder in hormones such as thyroid hormone or supraplastic and these causes constitute about 5% of the total infection and these cases require medical treatment, while the rest is due to increased calories taken from Fatty foods are long over-energy exerted in activity and work and there is also genetic predisposition in some families.

The complications of obesity are that they lead to diabetes as a result of the stress of the pancreatic gland in the secretion of insulin hormone as a result of eating a large amount of food and obesity is accompanied by shortness of breath, especially during sleep as a result of the accumulation of belly fat and difficulty of movement of the diaphragm resulting in a decrease in the amount of Air in the air ducts and respiratory diseases.

Dr. Abul Gheit also confirms that the fat person often develops fungal infections between the skin sipers associated with increased sweat secretion as well as gout disease as a result of increased polyc acid in the blood as well as reduced fertility in women and menstrual disorder, as well as the injury of rough joint sins The knee is one of the most important complications of obesity.

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