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What are the risks of obesity?

 What are the risks of obesity?

Wafa Mansour says, my aunt's daughter is very fat and we try to convince her of the harms of obesity, but she does not respond, so please clarify those risks?

Dr. Osama Hafni, consultant for physiotherapy and obesity treatment, responds: We summarize the most frequent health problems caused by obesity in the following points:

1. One of the leading causes of premature death (below the normal rate of death 65-75 years), in America studies have confirmed that between 120,000 and 300,000 adults die each year from obesity (30-65 years).
2. Increase the incidence of heart disease, such as heart attack, hyperinflational heart failure, sudden cardiac arrest, angina and chest pain, in addition to blood pressure, all of which affect the building at least twice more than those of normal weight.
3. Strokes and narrowing of arteries, the incidence of obesity is doubled, especially if obesity is accompanied by other problems such as smoking, high cholesterol and high pressure.
4. Type 2 diabetes, affects obese people at least twice as much as normal weight, and obesity sugar has been called to link diabetes directly to obesity.
5. Increased risk of cancer
6. Increase the risk of diseases caused by fatty liver.
7. Inefficient veins, due to the pressure of fat layers on the veins that are less efficient than normal, which may result in a function or tissue malfunction as a result of the enemy of blood access or lack of fluid discharge.
8. Increase the risk of gallstones, affecting obese at least three times more than those of normal weight.
9. Increase breathing problems and difficulties, asphyxia during sleep.
10. Vein clots and respiratory tract clots
11. Arthritis and increased rates of roughness of the joints, and defect suppines of the motor system.
12. Increased problems related to pregnancy and lactation where obesity is one of the reasons that lead to the absence of pregnancy despite the absence of an organic cause, and during pregnancy the obese pregnant woman is prone to many problems including premature death or abortion, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, increased likelihood of Fetal abnormalities, all of which affect obese people 5 to 10 times more than those of normal weight.

But the good news after reviewing all those health problems, it is not too late for anyone to return to their normal life, by starting to lose weight all these risks are less likely to occur 10% if you start losing weight only 5 kg, and the less weight the less the incidence of many health risks.

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