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Top 20 food items to burn fat

 Top 20 food items to burn fat

A recent study by a team of French nutritionists and published in the weekly Journal of Pham-Actwell revealed that there is a list of 20 food items that help burn body fat.

The list includes eggplant because of its fibers that contain the substance "pectin", which plays a role in burning natural fat in the digestive system, and spinach that contains a compound that increases the consumption of sugar in the body and reduces the stock of yellow, red and green peppers, carrots and apples as well as rich cabbage Vitamin C and enzymes that help burn sugar in the body.

It also includes lemon, especially its juice, which reduces 30% of blood sugar, green tea, which reduces the absorption of fat and prevents it from stabilizing in the stomach, and antioxidant cocoa, which contains many fibers, as well as dairy, mineral water, tuna, white vinegar, white chicken and your parents. Rumi, berries, celery, which contains vitamins C, B and finally cinnamon.

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