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The relationship between abdominal obesity and hormone imbalance

A reader asks: I am a girl 170 cm tall, 58 kg, my body is beautiful, but I suffer from a small crunch called La PAROIE, how can I get rid of it? Also, how do we treat the lack of female hormone and the increase of the memory hormone?

Dr. Saber Gharbawi, consultant of obesity, thinness and physiotherapy, answers her question: The small crunch or so-called (pely abdomen) has a big role in the weakness of male hormones and female hormones, the thrust of the abdomen forward works to pull the vertebrae back forward, and thus presses the nerve Which feeds the memory organ in men, and the female organ in women, and thus weaken hormones in the body by sex, in which cases it is preferable to follow up the condition of a gland specialist beside suppalling nutritionist to regulate hormones and the diet as well.

"Sabir" adds that a healthy diet for the patient is the best way to get rid of the karsh completely, and one of the most appropriate diets for the karsh patient is the diet (yogurt diet), where studies have shown that it works to reduce the body more than 80% of abdominal fat, and thus wake the back muscles from sprains.

This weekly diet consists of three meals, the most important of which is a meal that must contain four basic elements, the first of which is protein (plant or animal), a green salad dish (medium), six tablespoons of white rice or half a loaf of bread instead, fruit fruit, breakfast and dinner. Uniform is a cup of yogurt, an average dish of vegetables or fruit, and this system is repeated twice a month.

It is recommended not to exercise the abdomen during this diet, as at the beginning of any diet system the wall surrounding the intestines is weak, and when doing any violent exercises leads to the occurrence of (fat) both for men and women.

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