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Texture supres

Texture supres

We mentioned in the previous articles some operations for weight loss, and the aim was to lose the excess weight and harmful to the patient, but the processes of carving the strengths vary in the main goal of them, which is to get a graceful strength without considering how much weight decrease that may be a little so the carving processes toss Their results are better for simple and moderate obese people.

The benefits of these surgeries can be summarized as follows:
• Get a graceful body.
Results are achieved within a short period of time.
• Does not require a strong diet.
• Avoids damage to various diets (vitamin deficiency diseases, anemia, facial pallor....).
• Lose fat cells that do not multiply, so it is easy to maintain the agility of this part of the body.
The most important of these surgeries can be summarized as follows:

• Tensile operations, especially in the abdominal area.
The basic idea of this type of surgery is to surgically remove the excess part of the sagging skin and the layer of fat that is lined with it, and the resulting wound is similar to that of a known caesarean section.
After a short period (several weeks) of wearing the abdominal belt and after healing the wound the new shape becomes more graceful and energetic.

• Suction operations
Through these surgeries the layer of fat lining the area to be sculpted without a skin removal is suctioned, which is suitable for simple sagging, a needle is used for liposuction after injecting a special solution in the same place, or some types of ultrasonic needles to dissolve fat and then suction it afterwards. After wearing the corset for several weeks and using some drugs and warm water, the place becomes more graceful.

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