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Reducing sleep hours increases the desire for food.

 Reducing sleep hours increases the desire for food.

Researchers at Columbia University have found that people with normal weights eat more when they sleep fewer hours.

According to the website "Arab Net", the scientists tracked the condition of men and women of normal weight, and observed their eating habits during six days during which they enjoyed only four hours of sleep each night, followed by another six days, with increased hours of sleep for an average of nine hours.

Women's diet is greatly affected by lack of sleep, as they eat approximately 329 more calories a day if they do not sleep enough, while men eat an average of 263 extra calories for the same reason.

The researchers found that adults who are deprived of normal hours of sleep consume about 300 calories more per day than the average calorie stake despite their peers who have enough hours of sleep.

Most calories have been shown to come from foods rich in saturated fat, which can be problematic due to the accumulation of fat in the waist area.

Sleep deprivation exposes people to obesity and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, the researchers said.

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