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Obesity. Cause of misdiagnosis of asthmatic crises

 Obesity. Cause of misdiagnosis of asthmatic crises

A recent Canadian medical study warned that the spread of obesity at high rates, and often obesity among adults, may mislead doctors and blur the symptoms of asthmatic crises, which leads to misdiagnosis and increases the severity of the problem for not being treated for long periods to make obese prey to shortness of breath The negative side effects of neglecting the treatment of asthmatic crises.

The researchers found that of the 500 obese Canadians, only 150 were not able to diagnose asthma, which represents only 30% of their total number, where obesity and obesity misled some of the traditional symptoms of asthma, making it difficult to accurately diagnose cases.

The researchers confirmed that obese and obese men and women are four times more likely to suffer from the symptoms of asthma tics without knowing that they have these crises or undergo proper diagnosis.

They stressed the importance of accurate diagnosis of asthma tics based on measuring the efficiency of lung function with careful analysis in this regard.

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