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Medical study warns of weight gain

 Medical study warns of weight gain

A medical study warned that with each weight gain even by one kilogram constitutes a large burden on the body, and negatively affected the age of the human to become prone to premature death.

The researchers stressed that although the obese person does not smoke or suffer from any health problems, his excess weight poses the greatest risk to his life, each increase by five points in body mass equals increases by 31% the chance swells by 31% of the chances of his death early.

The data show that people with a bmi of between 25 and 9.29 points have a 13% risk of dying early, while 44% of people with a bmi range from 30 to 9.34 points, and multiply to 88% among people whose body mass equivalent ranges from 35 to 35.  9.39 points, while reaching 251% among people with a body mass equivalent of 40 to 9.40 points.

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