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Liposuction Technic

Liposuction Technic

The liposuction procedure was invented by The French doctor Georgi Fischer and Pierre Fournier in Paris in 1977, and since then the removal of fat by the technology of cypress and local bing is a revolution in the world of beauty and the most widespread and safest way to remove fat, and there are several questions posed by the future on liposuction The most important are:

Who is the right person to perform liposuction?
This procedure is done for people who have a prominent abdomen in a reasonable or non-fat body, as a result of increased fat cells in this area, in the case of a good rubber of the skin and a suitable muscular structure for best results.

How is liposuction done?
Liposuction does not require a "general bing", but is carried out under the influence of a local anesthetic, making it completely safe, and a very small opening is made not exceeding half a centimeter in certain places so as not to be visible, and through this opening a liquid containing a group of elements is injected into the area to be removed fat from it, and then As the process of pulling fat cells without bleeding or pain is simply carried out, here lies the doctor's ingenuity in obtaining equal and aesthetic results for this work like an artist who sculpts a statue and highlights the beauty and harmonious proportions in it.

After obtaining the desired form, a bandage is placed for the incision through which the suction has been performed and does not even need stitches and leaves the evaluation to the doctor and usually does not need more than one stitch if required.

A compressor corset is worn for a while to get the best results, then the patient can get out on the same day of the hospital and does not need a stay and can go down to work after a day or two rest with a light analgesic that can work from the second day of surgery and without any problems.

The actual results of fat removal appear after about 4-6 months, as the body continues to get rid of all fat and fluids.

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