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Is a vegetarian diet affecting human health?

 Is a vegetarian diet affecting human health?

I am a young reader, and I follow a vegetarian diet, and I strongly refuse to eat all kinds of meat, does this affect my health in general.

Dr. Tariq El-Shazli, a therapeutic nutrition consultant, responds that the vegetarian diet is a pattern that cannot be changed in many cases, so it must be treated and adapted, as alternatives to nutrients found in meat can be obtained to protect the body.

Shazli explains that there are some nutrients that should be eaten by the vegetarian food type, including vitamin B12, which is not contained in most of the vegetarian foods, so they should eat the dairy regularly, in addition to the protein that is derived by the vegetarian man from eggs and legumes and from Some vegetables and fruits.

Shazli refers to the importance of iron intake, as the plants lack iron in their bodies, since the absorption of iron from plant sources is less than meat, so many elements containing iron, as well as intake of substances containing vitamin C, must be eaten.

Shazli focuses on the importance of getting the omega-3 plants by eating the nuts or capsules they contain.

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