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Is there a link between obesity and chest pain?

 Is there a link between obesity and chest pain?

A reader asks: "I suffer from persistent pain at the chest and underarm, the chest pains are from the inside and not the outside, and the pain of the armpit comes sometimes and not continuously, knowing that my age is 38 years old, and my weight is plus which is 115 kg, and i am 175 meters long, I have tried to lose my weight but I failed, because it decreases very slowly, I want To know the cause of these pains, and does it have to do with the glands or not?

Dr. Ihab Abu Al-Yazid, an endocrinologist and obesity consultant, answers: "The patient must first make sure that he does not have any heart problems, because of the close relationship between overweight and various heart diseases, through the work of the necessary tests, from which we can know what caused The pain he feels in the chest."

Dr. Ihab Abu Al-Yazid adds: "As for the pain under the armpit, it may be caused by infections caused by constant contact on the skin as a result of movement, and may be due to enlarged lymph nodes, all of which cannot be determined without tests of the gland."

"There is certainly a thyroid problem, which can be easily treated and then weight loss is regulated," says Dr. Abu Al-Yazid.

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