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Is Ramadan an opportunity to start a diet?

 Is Ramadan an opportunity to start a diet?

Fatima Abdullah asks, can Ramadan be the beginning of the work of a diet?

Dr. Afaf Ezzat, professor of biochemistry and nutrition at the National Research Center, responds: Ramadan is one of the months that can be the start of successful diet ing systems, where humans are used to abstaining from food for more than 16 hours, and the body is exhausting all its energies to provide the sugar it needs. For energy to perform vital operations during fasting, during those hours the body analyzes the fatty tissue to take energy to compensate for the lack of food, hence fasting can be the beginning of correct eating habits, including starting to eat the salad dish and eating slowly and getting used to eating sweets A little bit, reduce intake of fats and sugars.

He added that it is preferable to eat water frequently, especially when we are in the summer months, and therefore these eating habits can maintain a high nutritional value with few calories and maintain the ideal weight of the body and get used to eating a little and useful food.

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