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Is obesity a major cause of heart disease?

 Is obesity a major cause of heart disease?

A reader asks: My husband is obese and has failed to follow dietary regimens, is he at risk of heart disease?

Dr. Amr Matar, Professor of Medicine in Cairo and President of the Egyptian Society of Medical Nutrition and Lecturer of the European Society for Food Representation, answers the question: It is known that the most common heart diseases are: coronary artery failure, myocardial weakness and also valve dysfunction.

As for the relationship between obesity and obesity, especially with heart disease, Dr. Amr Matar says:
• Obese patients are 3-5 times more likely to develop coronary artery tightness than a normal-weight human.
Obesity is a major cause of heart failure at the age of less than 40 years.
Obesity is a coaper to increase mortality from coronary artery patients.

As for the factors that lead to coronary artery distress due to obesity, he says:
• Obesity leads to increased cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood
This leads to the deposition of these arteries, which in turn leads to angina pain, which leads to a heart attack if the duration of the injury is prolonged without medical intervention.
• Excess weight leads to additional pregnancy on the heart muscle.
• Increased triglycerides associated with glycemic triglycerides cause scalable ability of the heart muscle.

So who are the most vulnerable people to heart disease?
• According to the American Society's assessment, they are category A or A:
1- Obese patients
2- Diabetics
3. Aspiring doctors and doctors
4- People without artistic or sports hobbies

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