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Is eating addiction a disease?

My daughter is a teenager, and I notice she eats a lot of time. Is she a food addict or is it a while after that she's back to normal?

Dr. Inas Shaltot, Professor of Internal Medicine at Cairo Medicine, answers the question: "This is a type of multiple eating disease whose causes are due to different psychological factors, and may also occur as a result of depression, psychological struggles and ill-treatment of the patient at the school level. Or family, this type is called "increased compulsive eating", a type of food addiction.

The patient uses this addiction as a means of hiding his feelings and to withstand daily stress, and these patients are often overweight or obese and are exposed to complications of obesity such as heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and increased blood fat.

These patients have a feeling of shame from obesity, and always lack confidence in themselves, so their treatment begins to instil confidence in them, whether girls or young people, and they need love and attention from within the family, and should help them around them to find friendships that raise their value in front of themselves and others.

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