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I want a Ramadan breakfast that doesn't hurt the diet?

 I want a Ramadan breakfast that doesn't hurt the diet?

Amani Abdel Kader says, I got to know many diet ary systems, some of which were comfortable for me and the other i did not last much, and i would like to know at the beginning of Ramadan easy meals for breakfast containing all the nutrients and at the same time suitable for those who care about the work of diet systems?

Dr. Tarek Rushdie, clinical nutritionist and intensive care consultant at Cairo University School of Medicine and a member of the Global Fat Removal Network, points out that you can eat a tan or two times like a year during breakfast, and breakfast can consist of: a grilled, skinless chicken breast or Boiled or steamed with a stewed "ni ni" or 180 grams of meat, in addition to a salad dish without carrots consisting of cucumber, tomatoes, rumi pepper, in addition to a vegetable dish that can be zucchini, broccoli, green beans so that it is cooked on steam or ni ni, but you should stay away from some types of vegetables such as For potatoes, taro, peas, as you can eat a soup dish for diet of red meat without fat or from chicken skinless with the need to be cooked a day before until the ghee and fat on her face for easy lifting when cooking it so that it is considered only broth and is taken without a bird tongue or any additives such as pasta or Succession

There can also be a meal between iftar and suhoor and have a variety of sweets or a sweet dish or two fruit shermbes because the obese patient must eat at intervals so that he does not feel hungry, although there are some types of fruits that are forbidden to eat due to their high calories such as mango, figs, Grape, dates, cane beets, bananas and their juices.

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