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I have fluid pools in the abdomen as a result of liposuction.

 I have fluid pools in the abdomen as a result of liposuction.

A reader asks: I am 35 years old and I performed liposuction in the abdominal area about ten days ago, but I feel pain in the abdominal area and I feel the presence of pools of fluidine in them, what is the reason in these gatherings and how can I get rid of them?

This question is answered by Dr. Wael Mohammed Hassanein, Professor of Plastic Surgery, pointing out that after the completion of liposuction the doctor warns the patient to wear a medical belt on the abdominal area for a month and a half helps in the lack of these fluids, the doctor may not have this alarm or overlooked the patient N to carry out his instructions, causing these gatherings to exist.

As for the treatment, Hassanein points out the importance of using sonar to know the presence of water pools in the abdominal area and their quantity, if their presence in small quantities is easy to absorb, but if these quantities are present in abundance, it is preferable to get rid of them by a specialist who absorbs these amounts of body, and therefore The patient's pain ends.

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