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How to treat buttock sagging

 How to treat buttock sagging

A reader asks: I gave birth two months ago, but I noticed my buttocks sagging after birth.

This question is answered by Dr. Lydia Al Masri, consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, saying that there are four exercises that women can follow to eliminate sagging buttocks, namely raising the legs up to do a small circle in front of the fixed leg and then a small circle behind them taking into account that the minimum From this exercise, each leg has six consecutive movements.

The second exercise is to move the bent leg backwards periodically with attention to each leg twelve circles in the direction of the clockwise and twelve circles in the opposite direction, and the third is to raise the bent leg twice and then raise the outstretched leg twice, taking into account that the minimum For this exercise six consecutive movements and in order to get two round buttocks must lift the leg sidely lifts, the leg is stretched out, two lifts, the leg is bent and the minimum for this exercise is six consecutive movements and by continuing to exercise can get a leg without sagging.

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