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How is breakfast good for the body?

 How is breakfast good for the body?

 I would like to follow a diet at breakfast that is suitable for the Ramadan nature in a way that does not increase my weight and makes me enjoy breakfast?

This question is answered by Dr. Hani Kamal, an obesity and nutrition consultant, saying in Ramadan, fruit should be eaten with its crusts whenever possible, as well as vegetables after washing them while reducing appetizers in food.

It should be taken into account that the first stages of digestion begin in the mouth, so it is necessary to chew starchy substances well and keep them in the mouth as long as possible with more eating leafy vegetables such as watercress, taking into account that grilled food is the best way to cook meat and avoid eating foods that are fried in oil, taking into account not filling the stomach.  With water during iftar, this eliminates the appetite for food, taking into account that the Ramadan table varies between vegetables, meat and fruits.

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