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How do I avoid abdominal sagging after birth?

 How do I avoid abdominal sagging after birth?

Najla Abdel Wahab says: I noticed that some women suffer from abdominal sagging after the birth, so how can a woman keep her belly without sagging?

This question is answered by Dr. Ahmed Adel Noureddine, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University and Secretary General of the International Society of Plastic Surgery on the Continent of Africa, saying: "Yes, there is a woman who gives birth and does not have sagging in the abdominal area, and this is a few, and there are several golden tips that can help To reduce this problem:

1- Women should maintain their weight during pregnancy and lactation, and the weight gain should be normal, and should not overeat under the pretext of feeding nostalgia, or milking, and there is no objection to going to a nutritionist during pregnancy and lactation.

2- Women should start early in exercise, so that the strength of the abdominal muscles can be gradually restored, before sagging, and there are known exercises performing this purpose, while avoiding the random use of the corsair, after birth because it gives a false sense of the strength of the abdominal muscles, while it is severely weakened with its use, also it is Prevents homogeneous contraction of stretched skin during pregnancy.

3- Women should consult a plastic surgeon early, as they may have a simple solution to the problem that is in its infancy.

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