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How can I protect my son from obesity?

 How can I protect my son from obesity?

Rasha Hamoda sent a message saying: I suffer from obesity and follow the system  "diet " under the supervision of the doctor, and when I felt that my son began to lean towards obesity I went to the doctor who warned me about obesity in children, is obesity in children is more dangerous than in adults and why?

Dr. Osama Hefny, consultant for physiotherapy and obesity treatment, says: Obesity is more dangerous and more difficult to treat than obesity in adulthood, the reason being that obesity is caused by increasing the volume of fat cells as a result of accumulation of fats, and also because of the increase in the number of fatty cells, and in childhood years Even teenage years are the increase in the number of fatty cells more.

For this reason, obesity may appear on some people who have been eating fatty food in their childhood years later, but in adults the increase in the volume of fat cells is greater, when the person takes more than the need for a long time the fat cells begin to increase in size, and when the person The disadvantages of obesity and begins in diet programs decreases the size of fat cells, but not less the number, and this explains why weight loss becomes more difficult when the gain is repeated then weight decreases.

When a person continues to eat more than his or her food needs for many years and the body continues to be stored in fat cells, the stock in some fatty cells is always present and several fatty cells are unable to convert the fat stored inside them into simple fats that can be used, thus diminishing the capacity of these Fat cells to supply the body with energy when needed these cells are transformed into inactive fatty cells inactive fat cells and the fat stored inside them is called stationary or unfreed fats immobile fats most slimming methods affect the fat freed but most of them fail with persistent fats.

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