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Excess grease around the waist puts your life at risk.

 Excess grease around the waist puts your life at risk.

People with coronary artery disease are at risk of dying if their waists are surrounded by grease, according to researchers at the Clinic Center in the United States.

The research team, which analyzed data from nearly 15,000 cases, found that coronary artery disease affects even people with normal BMI, and found that people with grease-surrounded sections should try to lose weight.

The British Heart Foundation noted that people with heart disease should be vigilant, and researchers studied the distance around the hips and cheeks to measure the volume of grease around the abdomen, and also studied the BMI, which is a measure of comparison between the length and weight of a person.

The researchers confirmed that people with high levels of grease around their waists are at a double risk of death of 75%, compared to people with skinny waistline, and did not differentiate researchers at the ages that may be exposed to this risk but confirmed that people between the ages of 20 and 25 years and suffer from increased  Body mass, especially the grease around their waists are also at risk of death.

Dr. Thabes Coutinho of The Clinic Center said: "BMI is just a measure of weight relative to height and the most important of bmi is how to distribute grease in the body, and doctors should take measurements of the suppter and hips for all patients with coronary disease, so as to advise patients on how to reduce their buttons.""

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