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Does obesity cause heart disease?

 Does obesity cause heart disease?

 Does obesity cause heart disease, and what are the reasons for being overweight?

Dr. Samia answers to al-Qadhi, professor of cardiovascular at the National Heart Institute, saying that obesity is one of the important factors that lead to cardiovascular disease and its complications at an early age and to high mortality, as well as weight gain is usually accompanied by an increase in blood fat especially Triglycerides, increased blood sugar and high blood pressure, due to obesity:

1. Weight gain resulting from eating more food and calories than the need of the body stores excess calories in the form of fat gain weight, so obesity results from a imbalance in the balance between the energy entering the body of food and calories and the lost energy of movement and physical exertion.

2. Factors that help obesity include genetic predisposition, hormone imbalance and psychosocial factors.

3. Obesity begins at an early age as a result of bad eating habits such as drinking too much soda water, sweets, fast-prepared ready-made foods, chocolates, pancakes and not exercising physically.

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