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Does the diet weaken the bones?

 Does the diet weaken the bones?

 Rukia Abdul Latif says, my daughter wants to maintain her weight and she follows a diet constantly, and one of my friends told me that this can affect her bones and she gets brittle when she grows up, does the diet weaken the bones?

Dr. Osama Hafni, consultant of physiotherapy and obesity treatment, answers, "For strong and healthy bones we need a measure of calcium on a daily basis, and diet means the system, any diet must contain the necessary nutritional ingredients on a daily and continuous basis and the person in adolescence needs 1300 mg of Calcium per day decreases after the age of 18 to 1000 mg and then increases after the age of 50 to 1200 mg. To develop a dietary program we must take care to provide this amount of calcium in meals whether the main or side meals, and the calcium in the body is mainly used to build bones and teeth 98% while the rest plays an essential role in human life is responsible for electrical activity Which moves the heart muscle and is responsible for the functioning of nerves and make them deliver signals and information, which is also responsible for the contraction of the muscles, the calcium found in the muscle nerve link is what makes the constriction move from the nerve to the muscle.

This vital role of calcium makes the lack of calcium in long-term food force the body to withdraw from the calcium stock in the bones and this may lead in children to soft bones and in adults especially women to osteoporosis, osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones breakable when exposed For shocks are not enough to break the right bones.

To avoid this, everyone should be careful to take enough calcium on a continuous basis and we should know that calcium absorption needs vitamin D, and we can get enough of it by exposure to the sun in the early morning or afternoon.

The right amount of calcium can be obtained by eating 3 times from one of the following varieties (each of which contains 300-350 mg)
• 1 cup whole, low or low-fat milk
• 1 cup whole, low or low-fat rabe e.
• 1 cup whole, low or low fat yogurt
• Sardinbox packed with bone
• 50 g cheddar cheese
• 100 g of cheese

Or you can be deducted once from the three times provided you add other items such as
• 2 cups of mahlabiya
• 1/2 cups spinach or okra
• 1/2 cups turnip leaves
• 4 cups lettuce, chicoria, cappucci or cabbage
• 10 cups broccoli
Or you can take calcium supplements in the form of tablets or sparkling, but the calcium content does not exceed 600 mg at a time because it affects the absorption of other mineral salts.

Another way to get calcium is a cheap way of eggshells, but you should use natural eggs that have not eaten chicken any chemicals while feeding because the residues of these chemicals can remain in the egg shells and the easy way, before using the eggs should be washed well with soap and then put peel Eggs in water boil for five minutes to sterilize, then leave to dry in the air, then grind in the spice mill or coffee and then use by adding half a spoon with a cup of orange juice or lemon.

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