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Does diet affect the growth of head hair?

 Does diet affect the growth of head hair?

A reader says, I used to work different dietary systems to maintain a perfect weight, and i noticed that my hair is beginning to be affected and not growing normally, does dietaffect the proper growth of hair?

Dr. Ola Mohamed Rafat, consultant dermatologist and member of the French Cosmetic Doctors Association, replies, "Hair fur is considered to be a very sensitive place that is greatly affected by what happens in the body, such as severe dietors or diseases.

This leads to the failure to enter the hair in the stages of maturity and thus stops its growth, when the food is reduced to a certain extent and the lack of protein in the food, all of this affects the growth of the hair and leads to its temporary fall, although it can grow again after a period of time about three months after the suspension of the diet and return to To eat healthy again which contains all the nutrients that the body needs continuously.

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