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Do proteins cause weight gain?

 Do proteins cause weight gain?

Does eating proteins increase weight? Are proteins in all their forms harmful?
This question is answered by Dr. Mustafa Sari, a consultant of obesity and nutrition, saying: Protein is an essential and primary ingredient of the body, because it provides energy and helps the process of growth and regeneration of body cells, each gram protein generates 4 calories.

Dr. Sari advises that the individual's food contain protein in one meal of the daily main meals, and if the individual eats meat, he must consume large amounts of water during the day.

He asserts that animal protein has a significant role in weight loss and preservation if it is prepared by the way of grilling or boiling, proteins do not increase weight but must be treated carefully and in a moderate form.

Gout patients must be completely dependent on the fish, because they are useful and contain a good amount of protein, and in general the amount of protein-derived energy must not exceed 15% of the daily energy requirement.

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