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Diet for gout patients

Diet for gout patients

Reader asks: I want a system "diet" for gout patients!

This question is answered by Dr. Khaled Youssef, an obesity specialist and a member of the Egyptian Society for Obesity Studies, a member of the American Society of Theme:

First of all, we must point out that there are some important dietary rules that gout patients should adhere to: refrain from eating and avoid red meat and red meat birds such as ducks, geese and pigeons, avoid shrimp and reduce drinking tea and coffee. And carbonated water, especially cola, as it is preferable not to eat citrus fruits frequently such as lemons, oranges and tangerine, as it is preferable not to eat the living age that contains apostasy and can eat the municipal living after the dissipation of apostasy.

The foods that can be eaten are chicken, tilapia, mackerel and whole grains such as balearic, oats, colored peppers, olive oil, olive oil and vegetables such as dill and parsley, as it is preferable to eat boiled parsley on the empty daily and it is possible to add to it boiled barley, because It acts as a good urine trainer, which is important for gout patients to take care of diuretics.

As for the diet that is recommended to follow, it is as follows:
Half a loaf of bread removed from apostasy + cheese quraysh added to it thyme and bead pond and a spoon olive oil or boiled egg and preferably not eat more than 3 eggs per week so as not to raise cholesterol with care to eat parsley in a large amount beside food and drink a glass of fennel boiled lunch, and be none of the sister Next Yarat
1-grilled tilapia or 200 g grilled makarol or 200g grilled salmon
2- Half a boiled or grilled chick
3- Once a week boiled or grilled red meat
Any of these choices can be taken with 4 tablespoons rice, 5 tablespoons pasta or half a loaf of bread + a salad dish consisting of parsley and colored pepper, which is a celery of garlic onion, added to a tablespoon of olive oil and apple vinegar, preferably reducing the added tomatoes to the salad or not adding it, if possible.

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