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Diet drinks expose women to premature birth

 Diet drinks expose women to premature birth

A recent medical study has warned that overeating of artificially sweetened soft drinks, cola and any products that industrial sweeteners enter in their ingredients increases the likelihood of giving birth to more than developed children.

The researchers said that artificially sweetened soft drinks, especially cola, are often promoted as healthy beverages that can be used and enjoyed if a diet to reduce weight as a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened soft drinks, but it has not Sufficient research to confirm the true safety of these drinks on human health in general, and pregnant women in particular.

This comes at a time when the latest research has stressed that soft drinks of both types sweetened with sugar or artificial significantly increase the chances of developing high blood pressure, which in turn plays an important and vital role in increasing the likelihood of premature births.

In an effort to assess this relationship, the researchers conducted their research on nearly 600 Danish women to assess their consumption of soft drinks of both types 26 weeks before the birth.

The follow-up revealed that women who had at least a soft drink on a local day increased by 38% of the chances of giving birth premature babies, while they gave birth to 5% of them before their due date.

It was noted that women who had more than four bottles of soft drinks had an 80% increase in the chances of premature birth and premature babies.

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