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Can a diet be done to lose weight during lactation?

 Can a diet be done to lose weight during lactation?

A mother asks: My daughter is five months old and breastfeeding, but I noticed an increase in my weight during the lactation period, is it possible to do a diet to lose weight during the lactation period so as not to affect the amount of milk in take-off?

Dr. Amr Matar, professor of medicine and president of the Egyptian Society of Medical Nutrition, answers the question, saying: Yes, the breastfeeding lady can do a diet program during the lactation period, but with conditions so that her child is not affected by the amount of milk that is appropriate for his age and the conditions that the mother must take daily. Her followers are:

1. Diet begins after the expiry of the period of the breath
2- Drop in weight from 1/2 to 1 kg per week only so as not to affect lactation
3- Drink 8 glasses of water a day
4-2 cups skimmed milk daily
5- 1 cup milk ingherbs or a ring cup daily
6-1/2 hour average sports daily 4 times a week
Dr. Matar refers to an example of a daily diet during lactation that includes:

Breakfast: 1|2 loaf of country (white cheese + boiled egg) or a bowl of beans.

Between breakfast and food: fruit of any kind

Food: 1|3k meat or 1|4k liver or 1|2k grilled fish or a large can of tuna
+ Large salad dish
+ Ni Fi Ni Vegetable Dish
Between food and dinner: fruit of any kind
Dinner: Such as breakfast or 1|2loaf with a can of tuna and salad or like food.
Keep in mind the drink of milk and water as before.

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