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British scientists discover gene responsible for obesity

 British scientists discover gene responsible for obesity

Under the title "Discovering the Obesity Gene", the independent writes that the mystery of some people remaining on their edge while others are constantly gaining weight is on the verge of being resolved after a study proved that a specific gene affects appetite.

The paper goes on to say that scientists at Oxford University in Britain have found convincing evidence to support the idea that the obesity gene affects how a person feels hungry, which in turn affects how much they eat a year, and then on the amount of fat stored in the body.

The study was carried out on genetically modified mice with multiple copies of the obesity gene added to their DNA fluid.

Scientists say the findings supported the idea that this gene in humans plays a direct role in determining whether a person is likely to become fat or not.

However, scientists are currently unsure whether this gene is linked to obesity, or is responsible for it, and if so how does it cause this problem, this study shows that the obesity gene is necessary to affect the risk of obesity and to most likely affect the appetite of food in the person.

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