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Basil and lemon to burn body fat

 Basil and lemon to burn body fat

A reader asks what foods help increase body fat burning?

Dr. Khaled Yousef, a specialist in obesity and thinness, a member of the American Society for Obesity and the Egyptian Society for Obesity Studies, answers the question: "There are some natural recipes that increase the rate of fat burning in the body and including."

1- Behahan, a herb that increases the rate of fat burning, by chewing 2:1 tablets a day or can be grinded with one banana and these are Indian recipes that give a sense of satiety.

2- Cinnamon and ginger as two powerful tonics to burn body fat and preferably eat together by adding half a teaspoon of each on a glass of water and boiling it once or using it as a seasoning placed on the food.

3 Lemon, which works to speed the process of burning fat in the body and preferably eat it by cutting the lemon peeled into rings, then put in a cup and add boiling water to it.

4 Paprika can be added to green tea to increase the rate of fat burning.

5 Chili peppers act as a fat burner and preferably put on the salad.

6 Coconut oil, preferably 1 or 2 tablespoons per day or placed on a salad plate.

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