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Are there natural weight-loss recipes?

 Are there natural weight-loss recipes?

 Hana Hammad asks about natural recipes that are useful in weight loss, and at the same time make a person in good health?

Dr. Jamal Shaaban, consultant cardiologist at the National Heart Institute, said: Nutritionists have declared that obesity treatment has become an absolute necessity, and therefore they have provided four quick and effective tips to get one back to fitness.

The first is to avoid processed foods, such as candy bars or chocolates, and replace them with natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits.

Since many obese people feel lazy, nutritionists suggest that obesity can be exploited positively, so that overweight people can put their food out of reach, such as high cupboards in the kitchen.

The importance of this second method, according to nutritionists, is that lazy man will prefer laziness over his hunger, and therefore putting foods in far away places, will make him think more than once before eating.

The third method, which is easy and simple, is to urge the person to eat half the amount he usually eats, and if his appetite is insisted on increase, he must remind himself that his body is not a food store to fill it whenever he wants.

Nutritionists believe that the fourth method is to be wary of some cooking programs on television, because some of them cook foods of various kinds, regardless of their nutritional value or ability to increase the weight of the viewer, not to mention that they are usually presented attractively, which weakens the resolve of the person who intends to He weighed in.

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