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Are there foods associated with increased romance?

 Are there foods associated with increased romance?

We've heard a lot that there are foods for love and increased romance.

Dr. Ashraf Darwish, consultant of obesity and nutrition, answers this question, saying: Science has proven the effect of food on us, and it is logical that food has an effect on emotion, for example almonds like the rest of the nuts rich in protein nourishing activated emotions, eating 20 almonds and with a cup of honey makes The man is more romantic.

It is also an emotional recipe drink almond, drink warm or cold and made from a cup of milk with 6 almonds and a quarter spoon cinnamon and half a cup of dates and mix all and then they are eaten, and there is also almond soup made from almond powder or ground almonds with egg yolks and cream and this drink when mixed E It makes the person more relaxed and receptive to romance, and these recipes are always associated with love and romance.

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