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a new way to lose weight with colors

a new way to lose weight with colors

Life is colors, you can choose your clothes in the colors you love and choose your home in the colors you love, as well as your food in the colors you love. This is the motto raised by Dr. Mustafa Sari, nutritionist and physiotherapist to lose weight in a completely different way than we have been accustomed to for many years.

The color program, created by Dr. Mustafa Sari for weight loss is the latest trend in the world of weight loss or diet and the diet of colors depends on only five colors, where this program depends on changing the concepts of the word diet or diet worldwide, as this method is the first of its kind to lose weight in my sister See the colors of your favorite food as you choose the colors of your clothes, this program is a new way to change the lifestyle and wrong dietary behavior by selecting the colors of the food without adhering to the diet ary program or adhering to complex and complex food plans that are difficult to adhere to or regular for long periods, whether To maintain weight or to lose weight, this type of program can reduce weight from 6:10 kilos per month.

To find out more details about this program, we met with Dr. Mustafa Sari, consultant nutritionist and physiotherapist, where he says: This program was created through practice with patients and practical and practical psychological dealing with the use of foreign expertise and consultations in this field. It was applied to a number of people who accepted this idea, which is the idea of changing the wrong dietary behavior and taking a step to start the program that is based on encouraging people who are obese to lose weight without boredom or fatigue, where this program is implemented within a month or two and then the person adapts to a lifestyle  New in the choice of healthy foods useful without getting obesity and characterized this method is characterized in the opportunity for those who want to lose weight or those looking for agility in choosing the food they prefer instead of forcing the doctor to you on some foods that he does not like or prefer and this program can reduce the weight of the person from 6: 10 kilos per month.

Dr. Sari points out that the color-based weight loss plan is based on 5 colors of these five colors, including 95% of nutrients.

According to Sari, the weight loss plan in this way consists of 4 corners of the first corner can last one or two weeks, as well as the second, third and fourth, so the weight loss plan by color diet can last one or two months.

Week 1:
Specific colors of food are chosen in each period, we eat from them what we want in any quantity until the feeling of full ness, provided that the meals of the day do not exceed three meals, as the first week of the beginning of the diet depends on four colors during the day, namely red, green, yellow and brown.

As for special foods in red, they are tomatoes, red apples, strawberries, creases, red peppers, melons, pomegranates, red beans and red carrots, while green includes all kinds of vegetables and yellow color such as wheat "night" cantalope egg yolks Yellow apples, lemons, pineapples, yellow peppers and yellow lentils, brown includes cooked red meat, crushed beans, mushrooms or lentils ("Abu Jaba") and through these colors are made a mixture of the meal, where no more than three colors are mixed in one meal and should not be less h The selected colors of the day are for three colors to be eaten in the first week during the meals of the day, and we should keep in mind that sport is among the colors to be implemented with the food program in colors.

Sari gives an example of breakfast for color tones, especially for the first week:
It has three colors, it can be a bean dish with a green salad dish without tomatoes. After breakfast, red apples can be eaten, although the quantities of food are open in this program, breakfast can be changed by changing colors during weekdays and during the day as well as beverages such as tea, coffee, anise, hibiscus, indian dates, carob and mint are within the range of diet. Colors are allowed to be eaten in any quantity without specifying their colors but provided that they are not consumed with regular sugar and if necessary use diet sugar.

This system allows the consumption of a tablespoon of flaxseed oil ("hot oil") once a day, and allows the use of all spices and prohibits the use of salt and sugar as the most severe prohibitions in white and can replace salt with vinegar or lemon and replace sugar with sugar substitutes.

Sari says: In the color diet program you should eat as much water as possible during the day, as you can eat any amount of food in the meal until the sensation of fullness, but not more than three meals a day and we advise anyone who follows this program when feeling full stop eating.

Week 2:
As Dr. Sari says, only two colors are specified this week green and white "except salt and sugar" for green allows to eat all kinds of vegetables and white allows all dairy products, in addition to rice, pasta, chicken and fish As a white color so that it is three meals a day contains both white and green color or white or green color individually, it is up to the choice of person and prohibits the use of oil or margarine in this program and only allows to eat a spoon of spicy oil once a day.

Sari presents an example of a breakfast in the second week:
Breakfast includes milk, yogurt, cheese or egg whites in any quantity, as well as green salad with a piece of bread.

Any amount of rice, pasta or potatoes, whether boiled or grilled with green salad or vegetables or both.

Choose between breakfast or food.

Week 3:
It contains only three colors: yellow, green and red, which were chosen in the first week except for the brown color that includes meat, liver and mushrooms.

Week 4 and final:
We will incorporate the five colors and each two days will choose one color, where one color of the five colors is chosen and one color continues for two days a week and then the color is changed for another color for another two days until the end of the week so that every two days is a different color.

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